Sabtu, 26 Juli 2008

Tirta Arta Recreation Park

Welcome in the Recreation Park of Tirta Arta! Was located in Jln.Magelang KM 9, Sleman, Jogjakarta. Tirta Arta was the most complete Recreation Park in the middle of the Sleman city. Only 15 minutes from the centre of the Yogyakarta city. Use your spare time relaxed with the family in the Tirta Arta Tridadi Sleman Recreation Park. Get the atmosphere of the Tirta Arta Tridadi Recreation Park of nature in the middle of the Sleman city. You can enjoyed recreation with various facilities sorts, like the Restaurant, elicitation, the swimming pool for mature & children, jetsky, sport-oars, outbound, etc..


Was available swimming pool facilities to mature and children. The existence water playground (Seluncur straight, the Spiral, The wave, the ladder of the rope, the tunnel, and water spilled from above) will increase felt at home him that still swims. The canteen was also prepared by us for the requirement ate and drank the swimmer


Equipped by us Taman Tirta Arta with facilities OutBound for children and the adult. Flying Fox (from the height of the ship passed by on lake water to the lake lip with the distance 30 M., 55 M., 70 M., and 175 M.), Rappling (Slide down from the height 15 M. from the ship), Panjat Rambat (Creep above with the web of the rope with the height 15 M. to the ship), unsteady Bridge (went on the span of a rope with the distance 25 M. and 50 M.), Paralon leaked, road Bridge, Hula Hup the road, the human Race, the Body drifted. Could be individual and the party.


You could go in search of adventure on the lake by encouraging the rate jetsky, widely the lake 900 M2 you could carry out the round and the manoeuvre as you wish. One Jetsky could be used for 3-4 people.


The existence of the Restaurant that was in lake outskirts could as the place to rest while enjoying lake scenery as well as tasting the available menu in the Restaurant like, Gurameh/Nila (Burn, Goreng, Asem Manis), the Kosek Chicken, Ayam Goreng, Cumi Goreng/butter/flour, Fried Rice and Various drinks. Gazebo-Gazebo could be also made use of for the party/the family. We also were ready for the package of the agenda like: Family Gathering, Meeting, Social gathering, and Wedding.


The lake that was in the middle of the location of the Tirta Arta Garden measuring 900 M2 with various fish kinds inside could accommodate and distribute the hobby mancing the visitors. The number of big trees that was at the edge of the lake made calm and comfortable fisherman


The location of the Tirta Arta Garden 2,5 hectare also was supplemented with the garden as well as several games that could be used to play children by us. The calm and wide lake environment could be used to sit-sat in fact spread out the mat while relaxing also could.


1. The Parkir page the area (the Car and the motor)
2. Mushola
3. The location was easy to be covered and the centre of the Sleman city


Jenis-jenis permainan Outbound:
a) Permainan Kelompok:
1. Giring Bola Punggung
2. Selancar Papan
3. Gelombang Cinta (Hula Hup)
4. Peralon Bocor
5. Badan Melayang
6. Air Mengalir
7. Satu Lubang Rame-Rame (Salume)
8. Provokator
9. Pindah Barang
10. Spiderman

b) Permainan Individu
1. Rayap Rintang
2. Provokator Air
3. Rayap Tutup Mata
4. Trading Net (Permainan Extrem)
5. Jembatan Goyang ( Permainan Extrem)
6. Flying Fox (Permainan Extrem)

Harga Paket Anak-anak Rp. 25.000/Anak (Minimal 25 anak)
Harga Paket Dewasa Rp. 40.000/Orang (Minimal 25 orang)
Perorangan/Individu: Rp. 15.000 (Flying Fox, Jembatan Goyang, Trading Net)

Tambahan Paket:
-Snack & Drink Rp. 4000/Orang
-Makan Box Rp. 10.000/Orang

Alamat Tirta Arta

Jln. Merapi, Beran, Tridadi, Sleman,Yogyakarta. Telp: (0274)866672,(0274)6574477. Fax: (0274)866672.